Gerhard Bechtold

  Consultant for National (Geo-)Information Systems and Database Setup, for Natural Resources Assessments   

Cape Peninsula National Park
Environmental Information System

Review of EIS Implementation and Development
Table of Content

Gerhard Bechtold


The Project is currently executed by a consortium with the lead consulting firm TerraMare Environmental Data Systems



1. Introduction
  1.1 Background
  1.2 Project status

Information system set-up under IT transfer considerations (with 'Lessons learned')

2. Review: Findings and Conclusions
  2.1 Objectives orientation
  2.2 User identification and orientation
  2.3 System architecture
  2.4 Standardization
  2.5 Database
  2.6 Application
  2.7 User interface
  2.8 Output
  2.9 Documentation
  2.10 Monitoring of data flow and assurance of data quality

Procedural data flow

3. Further Development: Observations and Recommendations
  3.1 Management adjustment
  3.2 Capacity building
  3.3 PR and marketing
  3.4 Change of activities

EIS diffusion phases

  A1 Proposal for user interface
  A2 Glossary
  A3 Consultant mission report
  A4 Itinerary
  A5 Nationalpark Berchtesgaden
  A6 Themes, goals and objectives of the IEMS
  A7 Bibliography


  A consultancy was defined to review the current implementation and development of the EIS, which is being set up to support the Cape Peninsula National Park with their management tasks.

In his mission the Consultant stressed on the appropriate technology application and establishing a system based rather on user-orientation than technology-driven.

The design of the system is already in an advanced stage and makes good progress. The Consultant selected eleven activities for recommendations.

While data compilation is handled professionally, the development of application modules (software development) including user interfaces still needs considerable input.

For the system architecture, it seems to be adequate to upgrade to a higher technology level only, when technology advances and available skill allow so.


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Last update: April 2000