Gerhard Bechtold

  Consultant for National (Geo-)Information Systems and Database Setup, for Natural Resources Assessments   

I have been working for 30 years in management and set-up of national information systems and land evaluation. I am the founder and developer of GILES (Ethiopia, FAO- UNDP), JOSCIS (Jordan, SSLRC of UK-EU), ILUD (Indonesia, GTZ with BPN- ADB ) and YERD (Yemen, FAO- UNDP and Agristudio-EU); including project evaluation in South Africa (GTZ) and project formulation work in Ethiopia, Jordan, Iraq (UNOPS). I was the Chief Information Officer in Eritrea and Ethiopia (with United Nations: UNOPS) at the Mine Action Coordination Center (MACC) of the UN Mission to Eritrea and Ethiopia (UNMEE).

My last assignment was as technical advisor to the Town and Country Planning Department of the Govt of Ghana, in Accra, Ghana, to set up and develop a GIS and land information system for land use planning: LUPMIS, under the Land Administration Project (World Bank funded).

My academic background is geography (MSc of University Munich) and computer sciences.

My addresses:
Mobile in Germany: +49-(0)151-515 46378
e-mail: (or

Postings worldwide

Postings worldwide

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